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Complexity In •                 • Synergy Out

We Future-Fit Synergistic Solutions

through PsychoActive Technologies

Leadership | Innovation | (Global) Systems

Complexity In •                 • Synergy Out

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Complexity In •                 • Synergy Out

"Taking psychedelics was a profound experience, one of the most important of my life.
It reinforced my sense of what was important, creating great things instead of only making money, putting things back into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as I could."

Steve Jobs

Founder of Apple


PSYx in a Nutshell


PSYx is a multi-disciplinary 

(prismic) platform of premier 

practitioners, collaborating with pioneering individuals, organisations and communities.


We future-proof and

future-fit leadership, innovation and (global) systems,


through the rigorous, purposeful application of


psychoactive technologies,


to converge current complexities into synergistic solutions, for personal, professional and planetary prosperity.

PSYx is pronounced 'sai-x' (as in psy-chology, psy-chedelics, etc.)

psychoactive here means mind-altering, dissolving, expanding, opening, revealing and connecting; triggered most often by internal (endogenous) means (e.g. breath-work/meditation) and/or by external (exogenous) means such as substances (e.g. LSD/psilocybin) & other (e.g. neuro-stimulation), known to change a person’s sensing, emotional, cognitive and behavioural functioning, both temporarily (state) and more permanently (stage).


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Mode of Operation


Complexity In •                 • Synergy Out


@psyx We're the world's first platform to apply PsychoActivation as a means to synergise risks & opportunities into solutions for self, sector & society

#ComplexChallenges #DisparateTechnologies #NoSynergisingVehicle

In essence, we're at a unique juncture as a species on this planet.
'Complex Challenges (risks & opportunities)' for us to survive and thrive.
Urgent shrinking timeline.
Plethora of disparate (ancient & modern) Technologies. Including those emerging through the 4th Industrial Revolution and Psychedelic Renaissance.
Through PSYx, we have established a world-first vehicle to synergise these challenges & technologies into systemic solutions (for self, sector, society)...

"The Systemic Psychedelic"

The PSYx Podcast on PsychoActivating System Change

In our podcast, we explore with renowned experts such as Wim Hof, Dr. Rick Strassman 
and Dr. Jerry Brown the potential of PsychoActive Technologies to bring about System Change. 

Shift your state.

Pop your paradigm.

Make your magic.

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