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A Constellation of Nesting Dolls

A Constellation of Nesting Dolls



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PSYx Processes

The '4 As'

"Psychedelics are a catalyst or amplifier of mental processes. They are a scope to the study of the mind, what the telescope is for astronomy and the microscope is for biology."

Professor Stan Grof

Johns Hopkins University

California Institute of Integral Studies

The 4 A's

PsychoActivation Processes



'Scoping' a system (e.g. brain, organisation, society) through the lens of PsychoActivation amplifies researchers' comprehension of interactions of the diverse parts of such system, which accelerates generation of scientific insight (incl. beyond currently existing paradigms).



A core aspect of the process of PsychoActivation is 'Alleviation'; the shedding of our skins, silos & obsolete data. It disrupts gridlocked beliefs & patterns and triggers detoxification from dis-ease & dysfunction on all levels of the system to spark peak performance (individually & collectively). 



'Activation' here refers to the exponential expansion of embodied, emotional, cognitive and behavioural functioning, both temporarily (state) and more permanently (stage), both on the individual & collective level. It may be sparked by internal (endogenous) means (e.g. breath-work/meditation) and/or by external (exogenous) means such as substances (e.g. LSD/psilocybin) & other (e.g. neuro-stimulation). 



'Actualisation' means a a systemic reboot & reset - rigorously grounding & integrating the downloads from the PsychoActivation process in 'real life'. It means the revealing to the system that which was previously an "invisible opportunity (cost)" and rendering that an applied reality. It means creating a future-fit and future-proof reality with a fundamentally upgraded operating system & regenerative capacity beyond belief. 

"I took plenty of psychedelics. And I found it to be a mind-opening experience. It was certainly much more important than any courses I ever took… 
What if I had not taken psychedelics ever; would I have still invented PCR? I don’t know. I doubt it. I seriously doubt it."

Nobel Laureate

Kary Mullis 


Discoverer of PCR

“I envisaged the double helix on a psychedelic trip.
Although it is necessary to be able to handle the algebraic details, I soon found I could see the answer to many of these mathematical problems by a combination of imagery and logic, without first having to slog through the mathematics.”

Nobel Laureate

Prof. Francis Crick


Discoverer of DNA


'hyper-connectivity in action'

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