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Areas of Application:

Leadership, Innovation & Systems

Challenges & PsychoActivation


@psyx Our key areas of application are leadership, innovation and (global) systems, as these promise a fundamental systemic impact when PsychoActivated 

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PSYx focusses the PsychoActive Technologies (along with their attendant Culture & Science) specifically on radically upgrading the domains of Leadership, Innovation & Systems.
Like 'Technology', these fields of Leadership, Innovation & Systems, are fundamental components of our prevailing System, both as Complex Challenges themselves as well as potential sources for regenerating such System & Complex Challenges.
Of all the possible areas of application, they are the key ‘Catalytic Converters’ for prompting personal, professional & planetary prosperity.
This Catalytic Converter potential is realised through the rigorous & purposeful application of PsychoActive Technologies (and attendant Analysis, Alleviation, Activation & Actualisation processes) to the fields of Leadership, Innovation & Systems and specifically to their 'people, paradigms, process, performance & product' across all sectors. 

Challenges of Leadership, Innovation & Systems


"Notwithstanding the enormous sums of money and time that have been poured into trying to teach people how to lead, over its roughly 40-year history the leadership industry has not in any major, meaningful, measurable way improved the human condition. I’m growing more doubtful about this fixation on leadership with every passing day."

Professor Barbara Kellerman

JFK School of Government

Harvard University

“It is imperative for indigenous traditional ecological knowledge & practices (TEK) to play an integral role in the fight to protect our sacred global biome. 


(...) which has been so successful that, although indigenous lands account for less than 22 percent of the world’s land area, their traditional territories are home to approx 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

And the biodiversity of which, as the UN report shows, is declining at a significantly slower rate than elsewhere, demonstrating their success as stewards of their natural environment...”

Hannah Rundle

Centre for Development & Strategy

"The frequency of lifetime psychedelic use was positively correlated with nature relatedness at baseline.


Nature connection or relatedness is an interesting thing to look at scientifically as it is strongly correlated with a broad range of measures of psychological wellbeing, while also being a strong predictor of pro-environmental behaviour. So it’s an interesting and topical area given the burgeoning, concurrent mental health and ecological crises we are facing, with there being a recognised lack of effective interventions for reducing people’s environmentally destructive behaviour."

Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris

Centre for Psychedelic Research

Imperial College London

'PsychoActivation of

Leadership, Innovation 

& Systems



Unless your leadership & related programmes are PsychoActivated, they are sub-optimal. PsychoActive Technologies take leadership to the next stratosphere by upgrading physiology (e.g. health), emotional intelligence (e.g. empathy, human & nature relatedness), cognition (e.g. unified brain, meaning making & concentration) and creativity (e.g. innovation) and consequently maximising leaders' performance & positive impact on individuals, their organisations & society. 



PsychoActivation reboots innovation. It upgrades the methodology & strategy of innovative individuals & the innovation industry at large. By tapping into states & stages of mind-expansion, 'PsychoActivated' innovators do not only reach peak levels of creativity and pattern recognition, but also upgrade their commitment to an integrative purpose that drives the direction of their work toward bigger picture perspectives, sounder strategy & synergistic system change.



In times of polarisation & political deadlock, Psychoactive Technologies

turbocharge (global) systems actors' applied ability to reconfigure the system towards agility, hyperconnectivity & convergence. It triggers alleviation from current limitations through conscious dissemblance and allows for symbiotic regeneration to create planetary prosperity for all.

"The billionaires I know, almost without exception, use hallucinogens on a regular basis. They're trying to be very disruptive and ask completely new questions.


And such hallucinogens are useful because they serve as a pattern interruptor for defeating narratives humans so often tell themselves."

Tim Ferris

Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur

Fortune 40 under 40

“The causes of the [planetary] crisis are political, economic, legal and cultural systemic issues but underneath that are issues of human trauma, powerlessness, scarcity and separation.


The system resides within us and the psychedelic medicines are opportunities to help us shift our consciousness...”

Gail Bradbrook


Extinction Rebellion

Systemically Shaking the Systemic Snow-globe

“It is striking that the extrinsic values so prevalent in society today are the very same values which psychedelics seem to help dial down in switching off the ‘me’ network, and switching on the ‘we’ network. 


Perhaps they can ‘shake the snow-globe’, unblock our minds to seeing the need for and potential of radical system change?


Creative new ways of imagining and co-creating a new social story might be unlocked with their ability to help connect us to ‘greater-than-self’ challenges and boost lateral and out-of-the-box thinking, complex pattern recognition and help find new links between concepts and ideas.


But despite the popularity of organised psychedelic retreats few if any seem to have been designed and carried out with an overt focus on seeking to explore these values shifts, and to support a move beyond inbuilt resistance to system change...”

Jules Peck

Director, Avon Mutual

Ex-Director, NEF & BTeam

PSYx Centre for PsychoActive

Leadership, Innovation & (Global) Systems 

Our Contribution to Scientific Action Research on Psychoactivity

Some of the world's leading universities have ventured into research on psychoactive technologies and culture. Their astonishing findings underpin the potential of psychedelics as a medicine to cure various physical, emotional and mental problems and, further, as a state shifting technology that enables humans to expand their own embodied mental capabilities.

To introduce action research on psychoactivity into areas that concretely address the ongoing complex planetary challenges, PSYx is incubating a global-first Centre for PsychoActive Leadership, Innovation and (Global) Systems, multi-located at various of the world’s leading universities and other research hubs. The objective is to systematically derive action research, as well as develop and distribute the optimal ways in which PsychoActive Technologies may be applied to optimise global risks & opportunities.

PSYx Services


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