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Systemic PsychoActivation in the Media

Diverse Articles Covering the Topic

PSYx vouches for the value of these articles and

does not necessarily agree with the views expressed therein.

My Adventure with the Trip Doctors

by Michael Pollan, New York Times Magazine

An extensive article, rigorously summarising scientific insight on psychedelics in an accessible form for a broad audience.

Read full article here.

Futurist Jason Silva on Psychedelics and the Paradigm Shift That's Changing Everything

by Madison Margolin, Double Blind

An interview of Jason Silva in which he elaborates on flow, ecstatic technologies and cyberdelics.

Read full article here.

Psychedelics for Systems Change: Could Drugs Help us Save the Planet?

by Jules Peck, Open Democracy

A pioneering article exploring the intersection of psychedelics and systems change.

Read full article here.

Could Psychedelics Help us Resolve the Climate Crisis?

by Matthew Adams, The Conversation

An article that explores the potential of psychedelics to disrupt our current ways enough to have an impact on the climate crisis.

Read full article here.

The 'Psychedelics Coach' with Drug-fuelled Career Advice

by Coleen Hagerty, BBC Worklife

An exploration of psychedelic-assisted coaching services offered in the Silicon Valley. 

Read full article here.

Psychedelic Communities, Social Justice, and Kinship in the Capitalocene

by Alnoor Ladha & Martin Kirk, Kahpi

A critical assessment of the role of psychedelic communities ​with regards to social change.

Read full article here.

We Will Call it PALA

by auryn project

A semi-fictional short-story that highlights the potential shadows of psychedelics-related businesses and aims to inspire ethical business models in this industry.

Read full article here.

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